illustration of firehose with twitter logos coming out of it

if you are looking for ways in the new year to keep up and not OD on Twitter, might I suggest starting a private list. Start by adding close friends/associates, then judiciously add the industry/thought leader types that don’t oversell and make too much noise along with a couple of “journalist’s journalist” to keep up with the under the headline news.

That way, you can dip into the firehose when you want to know what’s going on “right now”, but go back to your list to catch up on just the real life stuff, the “this is cool” stuff and the news behind the headlines.

To give you an idea about my list, right now it’s at 40 of the 1,200 I follow (note, I’ve been on Twitter 11 years and a good amount of those 1200 accounts rarely if ever tweet these days)

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