That’s definitely something I’d like to add to iOS… I don’t really know how often I would use them though. And Micropub/mf2 is still a little confusing around implementation on those to me, and I’ve never felt the compulsion to look in-depth at it.

@cleverdevil, I’m with you on that one, I got so frustrated with trying to “indieweb-ify” my self-hosted WP install that I dumped it, migrated my domain to and then deleted my old WP install, after exporting it all of course.

I think there’s still a ways to go with getting the IndieWeb integration with WP at a point where it could be described as “easy”. That said, I guess a lot of the issue is with the silos and their ever changing APIs, and technically, a self-hosted WP install is already on the IndieWeb, assuming you’re not using any of the silos and wanting to get replies from them.

cc/ @EddieHinkle @aaronpk

@matpacker Agreed there is still room to get better with WordPress, but I’m running stock theme and plugins with just a couple of minor tweaks and everything is starting to be very smooth. I’d say another few weeks a lot of kinks will be ironed out.

@aaronpk yes, for now. Primarily due to two factors:

I get push notifications from the iOS app, which makes it super easy to see a reply, then quickly type out a response.
Properly including a @-mention that is hyperlinked in my reply isn’t easy from Together / Known.

@matpacker well no platform can you use any theme with it and get right results. Jekyll themes need mf2 or they won’t get you want you want either. But certainly our goal is get a minimal viable experience with any theme.

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