Quick Thoughts on WordPress Gutenberg

I was publicly critical of the failure of the broader WP community to just say that the motivations for Gutenberg were commercial. Everyone building for the Internet should be focused on a better user experience. WordPress included. Most people probably don’t remember WordPress before the addtion of the TinyMCE editor, or custom fields and post types. I do. Unless you’ve tested the latest version of Gutenberg with a theme designed to work with it you probably don’t know what you are talking about.

Should accessibility be the first thought in better user experience? Yes. And that is a valid criticism of Gutenberg. It should also be the top priority after it ships as part of WordPress in 5.0.

But at this point, the ship has left the port. It is coming. So either fork it now and shut up, or take some time to explore the experience of creating content in it as its intended, see where it fits into your workflow.

My guess is within 2 years Gutenberg won’t be the primary form of publishing content in WordPress anyway.

Carry on.

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