@kulturnation I don’t know if it is documented, but I’m on a 2012 MB Air and it seems to be running just fine. Though I’ve never noticed newer versions of macOS to *slow down* my machine.

@miklb I just installed Mojave on my MBP 2012 (older than I thought), and it works pretty well. Thanks for encouraging me! Only thing: I can not change anything in the system preferences, not even click on them, and the lock stays locked. So I will wait for next update

@jack Thank you, Jack, good to read that this happens. So I patiently restart some more times 🙂 Overall I am quite pleased with Mojave, don’t understand why I was mocking and grouching when seeing WWDC keynote. Even like the dark mode, and seing this OS on my very old MBP gives hope.

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