I disagree Matt. I use my WordPress blog as the one true source mostly (I can get lazy) & syndicate it to Twitter & FB. Everyone could be doing that. And I honestly don’t care if there’s a commercial motive, I just wish those that are hedging that way would say it and move on.

My point was people in the conversation are using the word “competition” differently, and it’s not a bad thing. Through WP’s history what’s been good for community has been good for growth and has been good for the commercial side.

Some people wanting Gutenberg and others thinking it’s useless isn’t community vs commercial, it’s community vs community, ie what happens every time we do something new in WP. (Original WYSIWYG, customizer, page templates, child themes, REST, menus, media handling…)

that’s a fair perspective, though I can’t agree that everything that’s been good for commercial side has been good for the side of WP that is for democratizing the web. But I understand the dynamics at play.

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