Moving Towards Responsible Images in WordPress

Yesterday I mentioned I was looking for a way to optimize images for posting via iOS. This morning I discovered that ImageOptim has an API and a corresponding WordPress plugin

ImageOptim dashboard showing 80% reduction in size on 5 images

Couple that with the S3 offload for images I’m already doing, it’s looking like a nice path towards serving responsible image file weight without a lot of manual twiddling.

Caveat is there is a $9 a month fee, but that coves 1000 optimizations a month. I won’t be posting anywhere near that many images, even if I do it across multiple sites. I’m on the free trial but it’s a bit vague what the trial length is or if there is a certain number of optimizations before the fee kicks in. Then I’ll decide if the efficiency is worth a couple of cups of coffee a month.

@nitinkhanna thanks for the recommendations. I had looked at the EWWW plugin, but seems like it uses their CDN? I’m quiet happy with my already configured S3/Cloudfront cdn so really just need the optimization. Or did I miss something in the description?

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