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I have GitHub, Twitter, FB & Instagram profile pages. Each lend context to that platform. However my web presence is a sum of all of those. As I move more and more towards an IndieWeb Way of Life™ I wanted a a true public profile encapsulating all of the content and activity across those platforms and ones to come.

I struggled trying to have a blog where I talk about my 2 favorite topics, food and tech while initiating my web interactions on my personal site. There felt a disconnect. So over time I’ve evolved to believe I should have separate sites for these activities. My initial thought was to have separate sites for the tech talk and food talk, and use my original blog domain, as the aggregate site. But then I picked up (again) and it dawned on me that truly should be my main public profile and social activity hub, and keep my original blog a blog.

So over the next few days I’ll be making the switch and originating all of my personal notes and replies on the personal domain, and strictly blogging on this site. There will be hiccups and broken bits as I make the change, but I’m excited about having a one true source of my public web activities and a profile page I have complete control over how it looks and feels, versus only have a few boxes I can add info to.

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