Rough Day – RIP Chris Cornell

Been trying to put into words today my emotions on the news that Chris Cornell committed suicide last night. My teen years were a mix of punk, FM rock & MTV 120 minutes. By my early 20’s, what is now called ‘grunge’ was my wheel house. I’d argue most people think Nirvana’s Nevermind was the birth of grunge, but anyone who was around at the time knows better. Hell, I saw Soundgarden open for fucking Guns ‘n Roses in the late ’80s [edit my memory isn’t what it used to be, seems that show was 91]. Do yourself a favor and go listen to Ultramega OK and Lounder than Love, I’ll wait here.

I spent a very formative year living in Denver and Badmotorfinger was on heavy rotation on my Walkman as I trudged through my one and only frozen winter from Capital Hill to downtown. Couple that with my other favorite band from that era, Mudhoney, I had finally found an identity.

Truthfully, I didn’t listen to much of the new Soundgarden after that period, but I appreciated that Chris Cornell continued to create and broaden his influence. A very dear friend of mine experienced Cornell’s later catalog, and has been shaken at his core by the loss.

It is this rare ability to reach multiple generations that sets great artists apart.

Meanwhile, I’m going to stop now, with tears streaming down my face, listening to Outshined. Be well friends, and if anyone who reads this ever feels so lost they want to end it all, I will stop everything I’m doing to come and let you know you aren’t alone in this shit hole of a world.

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