Owning My Feed Reading

Looks like I’ll be able to check-off a todo & own my own feed reader thanks to @cleverdevil

I’ve been a stalwart RSS (Atom) reader since I started blogging 12 years ago. Back then, in the dark ages, it was the only way to easily follow what people were talking about on the interwebs. Fast forward to 2016, getting back into using my blog, the IndieWeb, I was still reading my long currated list of feeds, but started hearing about ways of interacting from your feed with your site. Some might call them Linkblog posts, IndieWeb vernacular use more specific terms of like(favorite), reply, repost and bookmark. What ever you call them, it is a way of sharing and commenting on your own site content from other people’s site.

So I had set myself a to-do to set up my own feed reader this year. Lo and behold last few days Jonathan LaCour( @cleverdevil ) began experimenting with NextCloud News and micropub for just those IndieWeb interactions and a feed reader. Today he relased a plugin on GitHub to use Quill for the micropub interation.

I know what I’m doing tonight.

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