NY Times – A Young Reporter Makes a Soft Query and Pleases an Upset President

A refreshing reminder of passion and journalism amidst the rancor and assault on the First Amendment.

Amidst the rancour and assault on an open media, I found this to be a refreshing respite.

Yet in an era of fake news, overheated partisanship and general rancor, Mr. Mazza seems unfailingly earnest and without an agenda — aside from trying to become a reporter, with his own notion of what that means.

He’s 19 and has always wanted to be a reporter. We should all take a step back and remember the importance of what that means.

Sure, it may have been a softball question, but remember, Senator Chuck Grassley has been tweeting at the @POTUS account asking when it was going to be open (among other things), so there was a angle there. He either avoided it or didn’t know about it. Would have been a good way to tie the two together.

Maybe when he gets another chance.

NY Times

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