Jekyll & Microblogging

I’ve been following Manton Reece’s blog and his development of a microblogging service. The first thing that caught my attention was when he discussed supporting webmentions.

Today he outline he is building on top of Jekyll. One interesting thing is that he’s adding XML-RPC. Considering my recent advances in implementing micropub here, I guess I was secretly hoping that was something he was baking into his new platform and MarsEdit was going to add it. Maybe in the future. Regardless of the technology, I’m excited for another platform that gives people the opportunity to own their voice and step out of the feed lots of the corporate web.

Speaking of micropub and Jekyll, Pelle released his project today. It’s still in early development, and requires deploying to Heroku, but is what I’m using here. My goals now are to add support to my Jekyll-IndieWeb project and help document setting it up.

All in all, I’m bullish on Jekyll, and hope these advances and the addition of theme gems in 3.2 continue to broaden the appeal of the platform. Perhaps to the point I could find work developing and supporting it. But that is for another post.

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