Couch to 5k – Day 2 Week 1

This evening I completed day 2 of the first week of couch to 5k. As exhilarating as day one was, I was equally sore the next day. Though I try to walk a little every day, there are muscles you use to jog that don’t come into play walking. That said, I wasn’t deterred, and today was my planned day 2. The schedule is 3 days a week for the first 3 weeks at least, I didn’t look beyond that.

One thing I did learn from day one was to not push the jog too hard to start, and was able to pace myself a bit better today. I also tried to zig-zag around the neighborhood rather than do laps around the small park near my house. The laps felt a bit too monotonous, as I was checking the app to gauge progress. Snaking through the neighborhood didn’t feel that way. It may have slowed me a bit as I didn’t have a route planned, but the app maps the run so I can check back and have a clearer idea of what would be a good loop. Speaking of, on my geek side, I’m looking at ways to export the .gpx file and create a static map of the run and post with these posts, much like the static map I created with my Instagram photos.


  • Distance: 1.69 miles
  • Pace: 11:46 min/mi

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