Building a Twitterbot

I had an interest to learn the programming language python for quite some time. I’ve played around with it a little using Pythonista in iOS to build a fishing log, but otherwise have only done some cursory reading. Since I do best learning by doing, I needed an idea to use python. I’ve seen some interesting Twitterbots built with it, @pomological being my recent favorite, but wasn’t sure what to build. Ultimately, the idea came to me to build a bot that retrieves an image from Flickr and builds a color scheme from that and post the scheme and original image. I’ve done some basic research and found some libraries to connect (you didn’t think I was going to write the whole thing from scratch?).

But I don’t just want a any random image, so once I get the bot working, I want to be able to try and pull outdoor/landscape images. In a perfect world, I would post 3 images a day—morning, noon, and night. The morning image would be a sunrise, noon/daytime image a normal image and, you guessed it, the night/evening image would be a sunset.

I figured I needed a name for the Twitterbot, not only to make sure something would be available, but since I would need API keys, that has been my first tangible step to create the bot. Thus, @Flickolorbot has been officially conceived.

Stay tuned for more adventures.

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