Text Expander snippet for Jekyll With Slug for Permalink

There are plenty of TextExpander snippets floating around for creating Jekyll Front Matter, however, I wanted to take it a step further, and auto-create a slugified permalink with no additional work. The other part of the equation was that I wanted it to be able to use it on TE touch, which meant it had to be done in javascript. After a little Googling, some trial and error, I came up with one that takes a text input for the post title, generates a slug from that, and includes the current date. I understand that the date in the file can be used, however I may not always publish when the file was initially created. Not to mention, when I imported all of my posts from Habari, I needed to be able to use the original post date, not the date the file was created, so I continue to use that. You can certainly modify the snippet for your needs.

Also note, I have a blank variable for summary. Since I’m using webmentions, I use the summary as the text for a tweet, which would be different than an excerpt. Some of this may change when I redo the site redesign, but for now, it’s how I roll.

I would love feedback on how to make the snippet better as it’s my first javascript snippet. Just leave a comment on the gist.

var title = '%filltext:name=Title%';
slug = title.replace(/[^\w\s]/gi, '');
var newslug = title.split(" ").join("-");

var dt = new Date();

TextExpander.appendOutput("layout: post \n");
TextExpander.appendOutput("title: " + '"' +title + '"'+ "\n");
TextExpander.appendOutput("tags: \n");
TextExpander.appendOutput("published: true \n");
TextExpander.appendOutput("permalink: ") +TextExpander.appendOutput(newslug.toLowerCase()); + TextExpander.appendOutput(" \n");
TextExpander.appendOutput("date: ") + TextExpander.appendOutput(dt.getFullYear() + "-" +(dt.getMonth() +1) + "-" + dt.getDate()) + TextExpander.appendOutput("\n");
TextExpander.appendOutput("summary: \n");
TextExpander.appendOutput("--- \n");

// %filltop%

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