First Listen: Luther Dickinson

Garden & Gun have a first listen of Luther Dickinson’s solo album Blues & Ballads. If you’re not familiar with Dickinson, he was a founding member of the band North Missippi All-Stars, a raucous blues band hailing from their name sake Mississippi. Founded with his brother, they played a modern version of the blues soaked southern rock, with an emphasis on the former. I had the pleasure of seeing them both in a smaller outdoor club setting as well as a larger festival type setting, both times blowing the doors off the crowd. Not sure his vocals will ever be considered above average, but the accompanying vocals from the likes of Mavis Staples balances it out. The lyrics and guitars more than make up for his singing, and its obvious the apple didn’t fall from the tree, as you can tell he knows his way around the studio.

As first listens go, I’m enjoying it and will certainly be added to the rotation the next week.

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