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In my ever revolving attempt to reboot my blog, one thing that has always slowed me down was my concern with being too esoteric in my topics. I want to talk about food, technology and everything in between.

However, if I want to build any readership (isn’t that a part of blogging, sharing your thoughts with others?) I can’t be mixing in posts about forays into Python with posts about cooking vegetables sous-vide. Sure, there might be a readership that is interested in both topics as I am, but not enough to say “screw it.” So as I continue to work towards a true indieweb, I’m pivoting a bit in my approach and will use this as domain, now 11 years old, as my base identifier and central clearing house. I’ve acquired several domains, 2 of which will be good to split the topics. Those too will be static Jekyll built sites, with links from this site to new posts.

Certainly this is more me thinking out loud and putting it out there, as I intend for this domain to be, but my goal is to continue to do such here, rather than bottle up my thoughts in my head.

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