Finally Webmentions with Jekyll

If you can’t tell by previous posts, I’ve been working on getting
Webmentions to work with my new Jekyll site. I think I’ve finally nailed. If you take a look at my initial post on moving to Jekyll, there’s a link for a tutorial on using Travis CI to build a branch and move the flat files into the mater branch to be served on GitHub. With the help of a Aaron Gustafson’s plugin I finally have it working. The trick was that the rakefile was firing in the build process too fast, so couldn’t find the post on my domain, thus not sending the mention. My probably not so elegant solution was to put a sleep 2m in my shell script to slow things down and let GitHub catchup before firing the rakefile and sending the mentions. This post will be my final test. If all goes well, I will try and write up a more detailed explanation of what I’ve done since there’s still a lot missing for doing this with a Jekyll site.

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