The Web Ad Dilemma

I’ve been thinking about this subject quite a bit lately. While tools like Safari’s Reader View can help, the desire to support advertising on the web is impossible to square with the current implementation on most web sites.

Fortunately, Jim Ray breaks it down much more succinctly than I have been able to. Blocking ad-blockers with better ads

The problem may be murky, but the solution is a bit more clear, if not exactly novel: build a better product. Not a fancier iPad app, a better ad product. For all the haranguing about native ads, they have the advantage of being immune to filters and, when done right, a genuinely better experience, certainly better than green double-underlines or the “content marketing platform” ads at the bottom of far too many web pages.

Just give me a well designed, compelling advertisement. Hell, I’ll share my browsing history if that is what it takes to serve me something I’m genuinely interested in.