Around the Web 03-24-2013

​n​v​A​L​T​ ​2​.​2​β​ ​1​0​4​ ​-​ ​B​r​e​t​t​T​e​r​p​s​t​r​a​.​c​o​m

Updated for new Simperium syncing. Testing now…

​A​m​a​z​o​n​.​c​o​m​:​ ​S​e​n​d​ ​t​o​ ​K​i​n​d​l​e​ ​B​u​t​t​o​n

Write long form articles? Want your users to be able to read your content on their Kindle? Now they can.

​L​A​C​M​A​ ​C​o​l​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​s

Unbelievable collection of over 20,000 photos available to the public domain.

Author: Michael Bishop

I used to wash dishes, now I'm a digital plumber. Proud Tampa native. Public Interest technologist. Sports fan, music lover. he/him