Eighth Anniversary Redesign Underway

I originally started this blog 8 years ago. A lot has happened since then. While I learned a lot building out the last design, a lot has changed regarding HTML, CSS and more so, responsive design.

I will try to update with what I’m working on as I continue this, rest assured, it’s going to be very rough around the edges, but that’s a sure fire way of making sure I complete this. I’m not even sure if comments are working, or I’d say leave a message if you see something you’d like to see more of, or is so horribly broken the site doesn’t work.

I’m still trying to figure out how to bring back my old content, and am leaning now towards manually moving over posts that I’d like to have around for posterity. Doing so manually sounds tedious, but will allow me to clean up the markup.1 I’ll probably do the same with all of my old food blog posts as well. I’m using a little plugin that Owen whipped up for using post-formats. Similar to how WordPress does, but much better in my opinion. I’ll definitely write more about that after I get the kinks worked out.

Update Seems I can’t remove localhost from the free pictos account I set up and add the live domain. Waiting on support, but not holding my breath. Not willing to pay for the service until I can see it live. Might start looking for alternatives. Also, reading their support threads, seems like a big headache.

Update 2 Ran into some issues, switching back over to previous theme for now.

  1. Which means converting everything over to using Markdown and cleaning up broken links and images.