Around the Web 03-8-2013

​T​h​e​ ​M​i​d​-​C​e​n​t​u​r​y​ ​M​e​n​u​ ​—​ ​R​e​t​r​o​ ​R​e​c​i​p​e​s​ ​T​e​s​t​e​d​ ​H​e​r​e​!

I admit I too have a fascination with mid-century food stuffs. I have several boxes of those little recipe books put out by various companies pimping their products. I also have a hand-bound collection of recipes from magazines that I thrifted. Might need to dust off the scanner and start sharing some after seeing this site.

​M​a​r​k​s​y​​ ​:​:​ ​w​h​a​t​’​s​ ​i​t​ ​a​l​l​ ​a​b​o​u​t​?

Looks like the perfect tool for those who want to help write documentation but are put off by a particular markup (read, Mediawiki).

​M​a​r​k​d​o​w​n​ ​S​e​r​v​i​c​e​ ​T​o​o​l​s​ ​2​.​0​ ​-​ ​B​r​e​t​t​ ​T​e​r​p​s​t​r​a

If you are on a Mac, use Markdown and don’t have these, get them now.

​T​o​d​a​y​’​s​ ​R​e​c​i​p​e​ ​o​f​ ​t​h​e​ ​D​a​y​:​ ​Z​i​p​l​o​c​ ​O​m​e​l​e​t​ ​|​ ​N​O​L​A​.​c​o​m

Another brilliant idea for over night guests. Or a brunch party. Just add pitchers of sangria and mimosas.

​4​ ​i​n​d​i​c​t​e​d​ ​o​v​e​r​ ​c​o​n​t​a​m​i​n​a​t​e​d​ ​p​e​a​n​u​t​ ​b​u​t​t​e​r​ ​l​i​n​k​e​d​ ​t​o​ ​9​ ​d​e​a​t​h​s​ ​|​

This is a pretty big deal. Finally the government is holding big business responsible for food safety via felony charges directed at those at the top of the, ehem, food chain.

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