I’m Back…

This site has been down for several months due to a multitude of reasons. That said, I’m still not 100% what I’m going to do next, but I’m leaning towards keeping it completely free of any and all content that I accumulated the first seven years. While there is something to be said for posterity, an equal argument can be made for clean starts.

Currently I’m running the latest stable version of Habari on an inexpensive VPS that is only running Ngnix and Sqlite. No Apache, no Mysql. That part will stay. From there, I’m just not quite sure, other than I will not have a filter on my content ever again.

For the one or two people who stumble into this new incarnation, I am no longer doing any type of web work/development professionally, save for a business that I’m helping ehem, “bootstrap”. I’ll be writing more about that for sure, suffice to say this NY Times article touches on where I’ve been mentally and professionally the last couple of months.