Miklb.com Turns 6

I Birthday Cakeknew it was right around this time, but it seems that this little slice of the web turned 6 this weekend, as did my twisting adventure of making a living building web sites. Seems like yesterday still I was purchasing my first tiny plan from A Small Orange and installing WordPress 1.2. Now I have 2 different VPS’s, manage 100’s of WordPress sites for work on a dedicated server (managed, I’m not that much a masochist), and moved onto Habari for my personal sites. Ironically or not, those that started Habari were some of the very ones that welcomed me into WordPress and were the ones that probably have helped me the most to get where I’ve gotten today.

So I’d like to share this virtual cake particularly with Chis J Davis, as the first theme I tore apart to customize was one of his (among many others down the road), Owen Winkler for the many plugins I used to get started as well as the many hours of tutelage over the years on a variety of subjects, and Scott Merrill, because in addition to his many plugins and welcoming nature, his patience in helping walk me through setting up my first VPS.

There are many, many more who’ve helped me through these past six years I couldn’t begin to name them all, but please know I’m eternally grateful to each and every one.