Tunesday: Crooked Fingers

While revisiting the Avett Bros tonight in my music library, the next band was Archers of Loaf, which got me to thinking what was Eric Bachmann’s subsequent project up to? So I Googled them and discovered they’re going to be in Tampa February 26.

One of the seminal shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in Ybor City (or any where for that matter) was a Crooked Fingers show at the New World Brewery. It was one of the coldest nights, particularly that late in winter I’ve ever known. Due to some circumstances beyond my understanding, they had to play New World, and because of the cold, had to play inside. One thing led to another, sound issues, I don’t know, but the band played, literally, on the bar unplugged. Mind you, there might have been 50 people tops in the place that night, but if you ask anyone now, they were there. I mean, if you’ve ever been inside that bar, it’s not big. They were standing on the bar, moving from as you enter counter clock-wise until they finished up the set in front of the jukebox. If the cliché “epic” could better be applied, I’m not sure where.

I’ve gathered more of their music over the years, still find myself listening to the Archers of Loaf’s All the Nation’s Airports and am stoked to see a where a serious song writer’s taken his craft.