Geography Lesson Compliments of SW Air

I like to pride myself on knowing this little country of the USA pretty well. I’ve driven back and forth, up and down, and just about everywhere in between. I would have thought I knew every town that an airline like Southwest Air would service. That is until today. The “ding” alert was for Harlingen. Not only did I not know where that was, I hadn’t even ever heard of the town. But thankfully to the power of Google, I now know it’s a border town in SE Texas. South of both Corpus Christ and San Antonio.

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I’m guessing then that SW Air is offering cheap flights to a border town of Mexico because there’s a stampede of people looking to tempt fate and head into Monterrey to dodge banditos for some cheap black market Viagra. (Actually, I’m guessing it’s really for spring breakers heading to South Padre Island.)