Nokia e62 and the Mac

Recently, a friend with a slightly larger budget than I, bought an iPhone. Subsequently, they gave me their “old” Nokia e62. I’ve been a big fan of Nokia, simply because most of their phones that I’ve owned were well constructed, worked well with Cingular, and, just worked.

So quickly I discovered I can now sync my address book and iCal with the phone, which is nice. I then sought as many means as possible to use the phone with my mac. One downfall with Nokia, is they do not have a native Mac desktop interface, as they do with PC, but at least they’ve recently added a Media Manager, which allows for the addition of a folder in iTunes and iPhoto , in which anything added to that folder is added to your phone. I won’t be using the phone much for these purposes, but it’s a nice addition. Perhaps I can see myself using it for taking a podcast or two with me for listening to while out and about.

Another, not so familiar utility, is the Bluetooth File Exchange application in the Utilities folder. When I was given the phone, I didn’t get a USB data transfer cable, so I was having difficulty adding applications to the phone. One in particular, was a fix for sending SMS messages. They were taking forever to send. After discovering the File Exchange app however, I was able to navigate to the file on the harddrive, send it to device, chose the phone, and the app showed up as a text message. Opening the application allowed me to easily install apps or add new themes (even with the new phone, I’m still suffering from iPhone envy, so I found an iPhone theme, which I actually like much better than the default theme, or any of the other included themes on the phone).