And the Beat Goes On…

It’s amazing how going back to work, working 60+hrs a week, and trying to assimilate a day time schedule can wreck any routine one had prior. I finally got two days off, in a row, to rest and reflect a little on where I’m heading. I’m really looking to establish a little more of a domestic life, call it a goal. I’ve all but abandoned my WP endeavors the past month, and feel guilty for it. I simply did not have the mental wherewithal. My inbox has routinely had 100+ messages, and my RSS feed is about 4000 unread links. Over the next week, I will catch up on my emails, start working off the RSS, and begin working on my blogs. My WP blog, WP Station hasn’t been posted to in a month, so I’ll try to catch up on the bigger releases I’ve missed, and try and do a re-boot for the fall. From there, I’ll probably release the theme used there.
I’m hoping some of those moves will also help me with my personal life, as that has really been a shambles. From the monumental mistake I made in February, on through the summer, my life has been turned upside down, no really fault but my own. There is probably no other bad decision I’ve made in my life that I’ve regretted more, and wished I had a mulligan, time machine, do-over, anything to alter the course.
Unfortunately, we don’t really get those, and I have to deal with the results of my actions, and I guess it’s time I deal a little more.
But if you are reading this, and you know who you are, I can only say I’m sorry, I regret that horrible day, and I miss you.