When Did This Happen?

So I’ve got an old truck. And it was bloody hot out today. Running errands, I see the temperature gauge creeping up. Ok, needs water. Not a big deal. Yeah, right. Sometime along the way, gas stations simply stopped offering water. I can shampoo the hell out of my rug, but I can’t put the third most important thing in the thing to keep it running. Not just one I tell you, ALL of them.
I take that back, Shell had some water. $.75 to use, and it came out by the thimble full. At $2.80+ a gallon for gas, and record profits for these companies, you’d think that when they sell you water, you’d get enough to keep the vehicle running long enough to fill the tank back up.
Self preservation, or something. Then again, I doubt they really care about those who aren’t driving around a brand new Escalade…