Moving Day

If you made it this far, then the dns have populated, and you are viewing the site on the new server. My hosting was about to be up, not to mention I was having trouble with the old host, in the sense they didn’t seem to care if I renewed, especially in regards to the manner they handled the last two tickets I opened. I understand things happen, but don’t treat me like a child or idiot.
More about the new hosting later, anyway, pardon the dust, and the half done look. I need to get the rest of the site back up, meaning the cooking and my sandbox. After that, some TLC to the home office. I did manage to finally update to 2.0, and the only problem so far seems to be a conflict with an RSS plugin and the built in magpie RSS for Squible (which might get the door, we’ll see).

EDIT I just couldn’t take Squible anymore. It’s a great theme, and there are aspects I do like, it’s just not me. So I’m adapting a design I’ve been working on for something else for the time being, and will continue to tweak over the next few days. I hope it doesn’t interupt anyone’s viewing of the more popular posts.

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