Another Shameless Plug & Catching UP

Well, I’ve been busy giving my often neglected cooking site a much needed face lift, which at least I’ve been telling myself was what I needed to start posting more over there. Lord knows I need to connect to food again. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m basically paralyzed by the utter lack of coverage by the “mainstream” media. Seems the conservative powers that be have chiseled away at the “left leaning” place like CNN, where the recent announcements of Bill Bennett and, what’s his name, Glen Beck, have all but proven that the CNN is fighting to be the next FOX.
Look for a new look here at Mindless Ramblings next, with an emphasis on bringing in more content, and maybe slightly more emphasis on sharing the web design articles I find around the net. Not to say I don’t need to get back on the hammer trail. I’d also like to focus on Florida politics a little more, with the upcoming elections having great importance to all of us.

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