WordPress 2.0 Beta

Everyone in the WP realm is talking about it, and soon the buzz around the net will too, Matt and co. quietly released WordPress 2.0 Beta 1 this afternoon. Some have wondered the jump from 1.6 alpha to 2.0 beta, but to me, it seems a logical marketing choice. The buzz among the net the second half of this year has been web 2.0. Why not cash in on the hype? I mean, apps like WordPress helped fuel that buzz, that web application movement, why should they not get in on the action? Web apps like Flock, technorati, delicious, all rely on more tech savvy users, most who now have a blog somewhere. Heck, Flock tied itself into WordPress.com by working out invites to wp.com for those signing up for the developer’s release. So I say to Matt, and those who made the decision, smart move, and may the 2.0 wave continue to further the popularity and development of WordPress. And thanks for sharing.