Alex King asks, Should I Host Another WordPress Theme Competition?

So with the impending release of WP 1.6, Alex King ponders the pluses and minuses of hosting another theme contest, and asked for opinions. So as someone who came along WP as he was starting his second contest, may I add that the primary thing I remember from that contest, and perhaps should be consider if a third comes along, is the delineation of where one theme ends and another begins. If I take Kubrick, put a new header on it, change some fonts and colors, is that a new theme? I realize that is a fine line, but with a panel in place to screen a theme that’s hosted on the contestants own site, a consensus can be reached as whether or not it’s original.
Second suggestion, phases of judging. Contestants host the design, and each category is narrowed, to say, 3. At that point, the theme is then put on a clean install to test the safety, and code. Thus eliminating some of the worries.
But I will say, the second contest was surely a motivator to get more involved with WP and explore its community, which subsequently opened my eyes to many more things web related. Where my knowledge is now, can only be contributed to my exposure to WP at that point. And I can only hope that 1.6 and a theme contest does that for someone lese like my self. So I encourage and will support, be it $$ or time, to see that another does happen.