When In Doubt, Lie

So I caught part of the President’s speech today at the VFW conference today, and as the pressure is mounting on both sides of the aisle (that was Republican Chuck Hagel, Vietnam Vet, saying that Iraq was looking more and more like Vietnam, right?), and what did I hear him invoke? Ah, the old September 11th mantra. Is he foolish enough to think that people are still buying that, or am I foolish enough to think people have seen through the smoke screen and realize that Iraq has nothing to do Sept 11. Either way, with all the bickering and jostling for election positions, the GOP sure isn’t sending a united message, and the Dems are still figuring out how Dean got elected to head the party. Meanwhile, I feel we are on a ship at 1/2 throttle with the wheel tied off so we just keep going in a big circle. Every once in a while, we see land, and think we are going to be ok, only to veer away, back to sea. Please, can we find someone, anyone, to stand up and take the wheel?