As if I Didn’t Have Enough To Do

So I have this personal blog, my cooking blog, school starting, and going back to work full time in a kitchen a couple months from now, I’ve started another blog, this one specific to the WordPress community. Plugin announcments, new themes, WP news in general. It came about as I’m working with some developers who are beginning a hosting company, with some added features.

As most hosting services offer some sort of auto install of the many popular open-source free scripts available, most do not offer any support for those scripts. This hosting service intends on being different. They will offer built in support for installation and customization. Being the WordPress fan that I am, I intend on working in that area, as well as being a liason with developers of other open-source scripts. Another reason I have joined this development, is they intend to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, and give back in the form of cold hard cash to the development of the scripts. The basic workings will be that a percentage of profit from any customization of a script will go back to that script. So if you joined the host, and hired them to write a custom theme and install plugins for your WordPress install, a percentage of that would go back to WordPress. Not to mention, a link to each scripts donation box is given, so that end users can directly donate to the development of the scripts themselves, of they so feel inclined. A vast difference from fantastico in cpanel with a huge disclaimer that no support is offered, and a link to the script’s web site.