"Blank" WordPress Theme

I’m offering up an updated, beta version here.

So, as I’ve begun designing WordPress themes, I found the tutorial over at Urban Giraffe invaluable. They walk you through the dissection of the default Kubrick theme, how to strip it down to bare bones, and start with a blank style sheet. Now that I’ve done that a couple of times, I decided it would be nice to have all the work done, and be able to have all the template files cleaned, as well as a style sheet with all the divs and classes there, simply without the style.

So rather than changing an existing sheet, it’s a blank canvass or sorts, but kinda like a paint by numbers as well.
Bear in mind, I may have missed a few elements, and if you discover one missing, please comment. My goal is to have as thorough a starting point as possible. Also note, numerous additional divs and classes can be added, this is simply a starting point, but covers as much of the basics as possible.
One last note, this is not a theme, it is a stripped down version of the default theme, which contains all the templates necessary, as well as a style sheet that is missing the style. If you simply upload this “theme” and activate it, you will have zero styling, meaning no widths, no margins, no clearing. So please do not comment that the theme didn’t work, or does not appear properly on your site. This is solely meant for someone who wants to follow along with the tutorial, or who like me, wants some of the dirty work out of the way, and just wants to start styling a theme.

I’d love to see what people do with the Blank Theme, so please post a link to any new themes you design.

A final note, I eliminated the “narrowcolumn” and “widecolumn”, and wrapped everything in the div- wrapper, as Urban Giraffe did. I found it was much easier to create a theme that works in all browsers and platforms by following that concept.

The Blank Theme can be downloaded <here .