A Sheep in Wolf (Blitzer’s) Clothing

Who told Wolf Blitzer that he was a hard hitting journalist? His interview this afternoon of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was full of weighted questions with zero, nada, zilch follow-up. On the surface, the question seemed legitimate, however, after the canned response (obviously the questions had been vetted), Wolf simply took Gonzalez’s answer and moved on to the next lolipop question. At least Russert and Mathews push a little further with the question before moving on. A good read on the subject, IMO, is Katrina Vanden Huevel’s comments on Bob Costas, of all people, filling in for another softy, Larry King. It makes me laugh when righties call CNN a “left-wing media organization”. What does that make Katrina and her magazine The Nation? A revolutionary media organization?