Frog March, Witch Hunt, or Much Ado About Nothing?

The national media had to latch onto the Rove story. No matter how many other global events occurred- hurricanes, bombings, pregnant no-talent bleach blondes attending film premiers- the story just didn’t go away. The question now is, what will come of it. Already, the lead talking heads from the Dem’s camp are posturing; Henry “Let’s call an investigation at the drop of a dime” Waxman, Harry Reid (who actually has had the most reasonable response I’ve read from the “left”) and now I’m hearing even good ol’ Kerry is waking up from the nap he’s been taking since last fall. But will all the clamoring, all the rankle, simply be spun as being a witch hunt, or will the Dem’s do the smart thing, and stand back, and give Bush and his boys enough rope to hang themselves?
Tiny Little Dots discusses the media growing a pair, and one would hope that considering the ramifications the case has had on how journalists will be able to do their job, I for one, expect them to take to task the red meat this story is exposing. But if the “frog march” that Joe Wilson first spoke of is to happen, the patient persistence of the media and left is the only way to let middle America take hold of this, and only then will Bush and co. be forced to take action.

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