Bush Administration Wins Emmy

Well, in a round about way. John Stewart and his show The Daily Show won an Emmy Last night for some kind of comedy show. I didn’t watch the awards, rarely have. I was busy with my own comedy of errors, but that’s another story. But in some fashion, if he didn’t do it last night, Stewart has to share that award with the Bush administration. Know that Stewart is an equal opportunity critic, and his jokes are only pointed towards those who blow it, not one party or another.
But my real question is this – Does this award create an even greater undercurrent of anti-administration disdain, or does painting The Daily Show as pure comedy, and not satire, minimize the sad truth that is at the core of most of Stewart’s show?

Just a test, move along…

So I can post with this contraption, but I don’t see all the options. I see a thing for categories, but I can’t see how to add them. This wouldn’t be very handy if I’m stuck with the generic default category. I do like the idea however, of having a single interface that I post from. So my WP Station blog, cookingwith, etc. all come from here.

EDIT OK, so I quit, and reloaded MarsEdit, and was able to “refresh” my site, and categories loaded. Good. I’ll add my cooking site later, to see how that handles a multitude of categories. I’m also curious about tags, but that’s for another post. I’m starting to like this “blogging client” situation.

No More Free NY Times

Looks like starting tomorrow, the NY Times is handcuffing its content. Rather, handcuffing its readers. Times Select, they’re calling it. $40 bucks a year if you sign up by today, $50 otherwise. Sure, some of the stuff will be free, but the good stuff, the Maureen Dowd articles, well, that’ll cost you. However, in addition to the current content, the subscription will get you access to 100 archived articles a month. And, if you subscribe to home delivery, then it’ll be free. What to do, what to do. (Anyone want to split a subscription?)

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They Said No One Anticipated It – Hurricane Pam

Much has been written and discussed regarding the preparedness, or lack there of, in Louisiana, and surrounding areas, especially regarding the levees. So much to my surprise, I get an email today from Factcheck.org , and it leads off with a link to the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security. The link is a repost of a Times Picayune article outlining a dry run done July of 2004, before Charley and Ivan, of the effects of a Cat 3 storm on the levees and underlying parishes. Just another example of ineptness, and deceptions the administration continue to hide from.

High and Tight

‘Judges Are Not Politicians,’ Roberts Says
I’m not quite sure ‘ol John is really a baseball fan. I’m sure George Will could give a few better analogies than calling balls and strikes if he’s looking to paint himself as a straight shooter. Anyone who watches baseball knows that sure, there’s a strike zone, but every home plate umpire calls a slightly different strike zone. And some call a different strike zone for veteran players than rookies. Jeter doesn’t neccessarily get the called third strike that Julio Lugo does. And one guy may call low and outside a strike after the third, and another gives the pitcher a wider strike zone. So therein lies the question Mr Roberts, where is your strike zone? Are you going to give the pitcher the outside pitch, or are you going to call ‘em high and tight?

Poor Mr Brown

Poor, poor, Mike Brown. He feels humiliated that he was pulled out of New Orleans. How bloody humiliated are the people living in conditions in the hurricane stricken region? How much money of ours has been squandered in the lack of preparation? And to that end, is this another “falling on the sword” loyal lap dog? At what point will the Bush administration, and Bush specifically be held responsible for appointing lap dogs like Brown. How many deaths will it take? Obviously more than 2000, as Iraq has proven. But how about the 45 dead bodies that were found in the hospital today? Were they preventable? I wonder how they felt about the privatization of Social Security?

Bush Suspends Minimum Wage in Federal Contracts

Proclamation Apparently, there’s provisions that state the Labor Secretary sets a minumum wage to pay various levels of laborers and “mechanics”. Well, Bush has suspended this provision. It’s written into the provision that he can, and in some circumstances, I can understand why. But we are talking about Bush, and Cheney, and I can see how some corporate contractors seize an opportunity to not pay laborers a federally mandated min. rate, but still charge their “normal” fees. So prior to the Hurricane, a skilled worker in NO would have been paid a certain rate if working on a federal contract, now he will be paid less. Good thing those tax cuts went to those who needed it most…

Shameless Plug #1001

So I started the WordPress “fan” site recently, WordPress Station, and recently got it its own domain. And while surfing around, I found an open source design that was a hack of Apple’s brushed metal design. There was a brushed metal theme for WP when I first started using it, but it’s disappeared. Not sure why, but I figured there might be a few who’d want to give it a run. Therefore, I’m in the process of porting it to WP, and have it in “beta” over at WPstation. Plus, I’ve been busy working with an upstart hosting company, and will begin offering a great deal on a basic hosting package VERY soon.
Now if I could only motivate myself to post over at cookingwith more…

Jacob Appelbaum’s weblog

Jacob Appelbaum?s weblog
Jacob’s blogging from Houston, where he and some other SF Bay area volunteers are trying to team up with volunteers from Austin and surrounding areas to set up a Low Powered FM radio. They have a license from the FCC, all the equipment, including a standing offer of 10,000 radios for the residents…the purpose, to easily disseminate information to the 10,000+ displaced New Orleans residents, now living in the Astrodome. Seems perhaps someone doesn’t want some “free speech” to trickle down to those that need it.
And I haven’t heard one cable network touch on this, though it seems the LA Times have half the story. Stay tuned.

Rehnquist Passes

As if our country doesn’t have enough on its plate, it is being reported Chief Justice Rehnquist died today. So we are still arguing the merits of Roberts (to no avail), and now the discussion of which ultra-right wing judge will move up to replace Scalia, as he moves to Chief Justice. Unless Bush pulls the PR move and names Sandra Day O’Conner, he has found the perfect distraction from his debacle in the delta.

Rehnquist Passes

As if our country doesn’t have enough on its plate, it is being reported Chief Justice Rehnquist died today. So we are still arguing the merits of Roberts (to no avail), and now the discussion of which ultra-right wing judge will move up to replace Scalia, as he moves to Chief Justice. Unless Bush pulls the PR move and names Sandra Day O’Conner, he has found the perfect distraction from his debacle in the delta.

Eery. Very Eery

NOLA.com: Hurricane CenterDon’t ask me why, but when looking at national news, I clicked on the bookmark for the Times Picayune…A front page void of news, with some prexisting links still there, I found this 5 part series link at the bottom of the page.

“A catastrophic hurricane represents 10 or 15 atomic bombs in terms of the energy it releases,” said Joseph Suhayda, a Louisiana State University engineer who is studying ways to limit hurricane damage in the New Orleans area.

Trickle Down Economics?

Census Economic Briefing RoomsHmm. Household income stagnat in real dollars, poverty up, uninsured Americans, up, homeownership down a percent, yeah, sounds about time to take a vacation. If my fellow Americans do not put this Administration and those that have supported it on a very long vacation starting next year, I’m gonna start pricing guns and land in Montana…anyone else in?

Where’s George?

Potentially one of the worst natural disasters in the last 25 years, a breakdown in the Iraqi constitution, soaring crude oil prices, and where’s George? Hunkering down in Mississippi? No. Meeting with experts on alternative energy? NO. Bringing together representatives of the Sunni and Shiite factions to work out a compromise? Hell no. He’s sitting with a bunch of retirees in Sun City stroking them about the advantages of privatized Social Security. Oh, sure, you say, “he did tell the folks in Lousiana and Mississippi that the country would pray for them. You know, on second thought, go back to Crawford George, and take the rest of the year off.

Reality Check

One Foot in the GraveThis shit has just got to stop.

*EDIT Just to be clear, the link is to a soldier in Iraq who passed away a couple of weeks ago. You can read his last entry, and then in the comments, see the news. I highly suggest reading more of entries, and look at his bio page. That’s why I said this shit has just got to stop.


So with the ever growing trend in cable news to simply discuss missing boyfriends of washed up pop stars, and missing 18 year olds, I’ve found myself looking for something else to have on in the background. Enter current.tv or as the info on the cable says, google current. We all heard about it, Al Gore, blah blah, insert created Internet joke here. But it’s not bad. Most of what I’ve seen is “viewer created” shorts. Nothing has been “bad”, and some of it has been poignant. Certainly beats Fox News, or should I say, “Jennifer Holloway, 24/7”. What was Jon Stewart saying the other night, 14 Americans died in Iraq, and Fox still ran Van Sustren and the Holloway story.
Right now they are showing the top 10 Clicked News Stories, and how ironic, the #1 story was “Newton’s Partner seen alive”…

Netflix for your Playstation

Ok, so we use Netflix, and it’s great. Even if I don’t watch a film for 2 weeks, it’s there, and I don’t feel too guilty for only watching 3-4 films in a month, it still only costs the $18, roughly. Anyway, just saw a commercial for Game Fly, a Netflix clone for video games. 2 games at a time for $21.95. Certainly would beat dropping $50 to find out a game flat out sucks, and try and dump it on ebay for $30, to try and recoup your lost. Will let you know how it works.

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When Things Are Going Good…

When things are going good, they are really good. I can’t say a bad thing about my life right now, looking forward to my classes, have a great paying job lined up that starts in a month, doing some cool stuff on the web, just over all good. So my printer went out. An Epson 5400 all-in-one. Bought it about 16 months ago for $130 after rebates. But we bought the 2 year warranty. So, I go to trade it in today, and obviously the 5400 is an older model. They’ve got the 6600. Ok, they credit me the $150, the 6600 is $189 after instant rebate. Eh, $39 isn’t bad. But wait. There are some mail in rebates. How much you ask. $110 worth!!! So, I pay $80 out of my pocket today, will get $110 back within 6 weeks, have a brand new printer, and a 2 year no questions asked warranty. Sweet!
Even without the trade in deal, you can get that printer for $79 through the 26th of August at CompUSA. Still not a bad deal.

Kudos to Costas

Bob Costas Says No to Hour on Aruba – New York Times A sad story sure, but women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds go missing all over the world, and do not receive one minute of news coverage. I certainly wonder if all the advertising $$ that the cable news networks have taken in during segments on the Holloway case were applied to missing and exploited womens groups, what the effect would be.
That said, Costas, whom I’ve mentioned in a previous post as a solid fill in for King, turned down the gig based on the subject. Clearly Costas wants to do “real” stories, I’m sure he gets enough fluff doing “feel good” stories for the Olympics. Anyway, good for you Bob.

When In Doubt, Lie

So I caught part of the President’s speech today at the VFW conference today, and as the pressure is mounting on both sides of the aisle (that was Republican Chuck Hagel, Vietnam Vet, saying that Iraq was looking more and more like Vietnam, right?), and what did I hear him invoke? Ah, the old September 11th mantra. Is he foolish enough to think that people are still buying that, or am I foolish enough to think people have seen through the smoke screen and realize that Iraq has nothing to do Sept 11. Either way, with all the bickering and jostling for election positions, the GOP sure isn’t sending a united message, and the Dems are still figuring out how Dean got elected to head the party. Meanwhile, I feel we are on a ship at 1/2 throttle with the wheel tied off so we just keep going in a big circle. Every once in a while, we see land, and think we are going to be ok, only to veer away, back to sea. Please, can we find someone, anyone, to stand up and take the wheel?

Farewell Gonzo

From the Washington Post
A farewell bang is set this evening for Hunter S Thompson’s remains.

Hope it’s a blast. To have friends like that, he had to have been everything we think him to be. I even forgive him for his pathetic bashing of the Bucs before the Superbowl. But what better team than the Raiders, the perennial bad boys, for Thompson to be a fan of.

No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.

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