Light Heretofore Unknown by JOHANNES GUTENBERG (Matt Mullenweg)
Yes, it is a press, certainly, but a press from which shall soon flow in inexhaustible streams the most abundant and most marvelous liquor that has ever flowed to relieve the thirst of man! [….] A spring of pure truth shall flow from it! Like a new star, it shall scatter the darkness of ignorance, and cause a light heretofore unknown to shine among men. — JOHANNES GUTENBERG

A little appropos seeing this quote shared by Matt today after I wrote this last night

“WordPress was orginally about making it easier to put words and pictures on the Internet. Gutenberg and 5.0 is about ushering in a new interface to do that. We should at least fight to make the full IndieWeb experience a little easier to be a part of that change.”

see. it’s working already.

Live Testing the State of Affairs in WordPress & the IndieWeb

Suffice to say I’ve said a lot about WordPress and the IndieWeb. Here and in #indieweb-wordpress in IRC. But the gist is, I don’t know what issues there are summer of 2018 with a core WordPress theme and the suite of IndieWeb plugins. No one seems to be able to point to anything specific.

There are efforts under way to bypass the mf2 in the markup and pass a mf2 feed for parsers to use. It is an honest attempt to find a solution right now. But the elegance of semantic classes in proper HTML5 markup is what drew me to the technology in the first place. I would hate to ditch that approach without attempting to find a solution that includes the underlying markup in WordPress themes.

My base understanding is that there are microformats 1 in core. Over time folks have used those semantic classes as styling hooks. A pull request was sent and was closed as wontfix due to concern of “breaking” legacy themes that used the mf1 semantic class as styling hook.

That was 2 years ago. I don’t know if anything has changed since then. A lot has changed in the Indieweb landscape including improvements to backward compatibility in the mf2 parses.

So, if you consume this feed in any kind of reader and see weird output, please send a webmention to this post so I can collect them in one place and document. Feel free to send a webmention without an issue just so I can assess replies as well.

Also, if you’ve done this excercise in the last few months, please share your experience.

Me: you know there is this really cool library to help with that.

Them: I prefer to write all my own code.

Also them: installs 8 things with composer, 127 node modules for grunt tasks.

figures I try to start getting familiar with VIM but can’t even get syntax highlighting to work. Error saying a file is missing but can’t figure out where that is supposed to come from. specifically vim/syntax/syntax.vim

re: secure passwords – I’ve been trying to get my partner to use 1Password but it’s been an uphill battle. So finally used the analogy that checking to make sure all of the doors are locked before bed is a good habit, but leaing all of the digital doors insecure not so much.

I never figured out how to do a nice ls so searching around I found exa and created an alias for their example. Any other tips/suggestions?

CLI output for using the exa replacement for ls

Quick Thoughts on WordPress Gutenberg

I was publicly critical of the failure of the broader WP community to just say that the motivations for Gutenberg were commercial. Everyone building for the Internet should be focused on a better user experience. WordPress included. Most people probably don’t remember WordPress before the addtion of the TinyMCE editor, or custom fields and post types. I do. Unless you’ve tested the latest version of Gutenberg with a theme designed to work with it you probably don’t know what you are talking about.

Should accessibility be the first thought in better user experience? Yes. And that is a valid criticism of Gutenberg. It should also be the top priority after it ships as part of WordPress in 5.0.

But at this point, the ship has left the port. It is coming. So either fork it now and shut up, or take some time to explore the experience of creating content in it as its intended, see where it fits into your workflow.

My guess is within 2 years Gutenberg won’t be the primary form of publishing content in WordPress anyway.

Carry on.

I’m pretty good at budgeting time for unexpected issues in a project, but what I suck at is budgeting time for the unanticipated. Like when your washing machine dies on a Friday afternoon.

The #indieweb recognizes that right now it’s still at that stage but is constantly working towards easier and more access