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Using APC and Subversion Checkouts

I am in the process of moving my sites from Slicehost to Linode, as most are aware Slicehost is being phased out for Rackspace Cloud. Anyway, I upgraded my VPS at Linode last night to Debian “Squeeze” and installed APC, which created a problem with the WordPress installations I had there. Basically, I couldn’t access the admin. Through the power of Twitter and the invaluable help of Mark Jaquith, I learned that by default APC doesn’t play nice with files that are checked out via Subversion. I think the root of my problem was a stray apc config for overriding include once, but certainly the subversion issue could have been at play too.

Anyway, a little Googling on the subject, I discovered there’s a configuration option for APC to use ctime instead of the default mtime. Adding apc.stat_ctime=1 is all that is required.

While I’m on the subject of migrating from Slicehost to Linode, Andrew RIley pointed out that someone had written a ruby script to migrate the DNS information for you.

Addendum To be clear, I install WordPress using Subversion and the appropriate tag. My Habari installs are also all Subversion checkouts from trunk.


Slicehost is being phased out for Rackspace Cloud.

I think transitioned to would be more accurate. And it’s the same technology on the virtualization layer (Xen). I think I’ll stick around and see how it goes. I only just got my Slicehost VPS set up. It would be annoying to move again (though luckily I documented everything I did… everything I installed… every config file I changed).

Transition probably is a better word. I was confused at to how DNS management will be handled, and since I’m in the STL datacenter, I would have to change all of my DNS records regardless. My other issue is that I set up my slice with Debian Etch, and didn’t pay attention to it being EOL, so there’s no painless upgrade path. I’d have to rebuild a new VPS regardless. Since I’d already set up at Linode to play around with some other stuff, it just makes sense for me to move everything there now.

Thanks again for the heads up on APC/Subversion and the general words of encouragement!

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