Text Expander snippet for Jekyll With Slug for Permalink

There are plenty of TextExpander snippets floating around for creating Jekyll Front Matter, however, I wanted to take it a step further, and auto-create a slugified permalink with no additional work. The other part of the equation was that I wanted it to be able to use it on TE touch, which meant it had to be done in javascript. After a little Googling, some trial and error, I came up with one that takes a text input for the post title, generates a slug from that, and includes the current date. I understand that the date in the file can be used, however I may not always publish when the file was initially created. Not to mention, when I imported all of my posts from Habari, I needed to be able to use the original post date, not the date the file was created, so I continue to use that. You can certainly modify the snippet for your needs.

Also note, I have a blank variable for summary. Since I’m using webmentions, I use the summary as the text for a tweet, which would be different than an excerpt. Some of this may change when I redo the site redesign, but for now, it’s how I roll.

I would love feedback on how to make the snippet better as it’s my first javascript snippet. Just leave a comment on the gist.

First Listen: Luther Dickinson

Garden & Gun have a first listen of Luther Dickinson’s solo album Blues & Ballads. If you’re not familiar with Dickinson, he was a founding member of the band North Missippi All-Stars, a raucous blues band hailing from their name sake Mississippi. Founded with his brother, they played a modern version of the blues soaked southern rock, with an emphasis on the former. I had the pleasure of seeing them both in a smaller outdoor club setting as well as a larger festival type setting, both times blowing the doors off the crowd. Not sure his vocals will ever be considered above average, but the accompanying vocals from the likes of Mavis Staples balances it out. The lyrics and guitars more than make up for his singing, and its obvious the apple didn’t fall from the tree, as you can tell he knows his way around the studio.

As first listens go, I’m enjoying it and will certainly be added to the rotation the next week.

Focused Blogs

In my ever revolving attempt to reboot my blog, one thing that has always slowed me down was my concern with being too esoteric in my topics. I want to talk about food, technology and everything in between.

However, if I want to build any readership (isn’t that a part of blogging, sharing your thoughts with others?) I can’t be mixing in posts about forays into Python with posts about cooking vegetables sous-vide. Sure, there might be a readership that is interested in both topics as I am, but not enough to say “screw it.” So as I continue to work towards a true indieweb, I’m pivoting a bit in my approach and will use this as domain, now 11 years old, as my base identifier and central clearing house. I’ve acquired several domains, 2 of which will be good to split the topics. Those too will be static Jekyll built sites, with links from this site to new posts.

Certainly this is more me thinking out loud and putting it out there, as I intend for this domain to be, but my goal is to continue to do such here, rather than bottle up my thoughts in my head.

Finally Webmentions with Jekyll

If you can’t tell by previous posts, I’ve been working on getting Webmentions to work with my new Jekyll site. I think I’ve finally nailed. If you take a look at my initial post on moving to Jekyll, there’s a link for a tutorial on using Travis CI to build a branch and move the flat files into the mater branch to be served on GitHub. With the help of a Aaron Gustafson’s Webmention.io plugin I finally have it working. The trick was that the rakefile was firing in the build process too fast, so webmention.io couldn’t find the post on my domain, thus not sending the mention. My probably not so elegant solution was to put a sleep 2m in my shell script to slow things down and let GitHub catchup before firing the rakefile and sending the mentions. This post will be my final test. If all goes well, I will try and write up a more detailed explanation of what I’ve done since there’s still a lot missing for doing this with a Jekyll site.

Breaking Out of the Silo

In my never ending quest to make this site all things “miklb”, one of the goals of the IndieWeb is to POSSE, that is, Publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere. Breaking the habit of using Twitter without posting first on my site is going to be a hard one, but it’s a goal. While debates rage about extending character counts to 10,000 words, if we only were to use our blog for long form thoughts and link back to Twitter, this wouldn’t be an issue. Consider this an exercise in